Know Before You Go

The Green River Recreation Center welcomes you to enjoy some fun, fitness, and fellowship. Please remember this is a public facility we are sharing with our whole community and visitors. Plan ahead and be aware of common practices and guidelines when visiting a fitness facility. It is everyone's responsibility to take steps necessary to minimize the chances of getting injured or items getting lost.

Below you'll find safety information and other key advice for planning your visit to our facility. Check with the front desk at the Green River Recreation Center for more information about our facilities regulations, activities, and recreation resources.

Know Before You Go

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Black font is the Public Health Order

Green font is Green River Recreation Center’s approved actions in order to open.


2.  Gymnasiums may re-open or continue to operate in a limited capacity, under the following restrictions, to be enforced by owner of the facility:

3. Gymnasiums may operate in a limited capacity, under the following restrictions, to be enforced by the owner of the facility:

a.  Staff that come within 6 feet of customers or other staff shall wear face coverings; Staff will be wearing face masks when they are within 6 feet of another person.


b.   Employees who are ill shall not be allowed to work; employees who have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to work; GRRC: The staff will sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the facility and will not show up if they are showing any signs or symptoms of illness.  

c.   The business shall maintain a record of staff working hours by date and time for purposes of COVID-19 contact tracing; if such recordkeeping is done manually, sanitizing measures must be taken on the instruments used for recordkeeping in between use; GRRC: Staff will not enter the building if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 or if they have been around a known COVID-19 case within the last 14 days. Staff MUST clock-in and clock-out for the shift to maintain a record of date and time worked. Staff will keep their time card for checking in and out. 


d.  Locker rooms may be open, provided that lockers are assigned by patron and are disinfected by staff after each use; showers may be open, provided that proper cleaning is performed; at all times, physical distancing must be maintained in locker rooms; GRRC: Daily and Quarterly lockers will be available, but we will have to maintain the 6ft distance between lockers handed out. All showers will remain open at any given time.


e.   Workout equipment must be no less than 6 feet apart (and preferably 10 feet apart), enforced by staff during operation; GRRC: All cardio equipment has been moved to stay available for patrons. Five (5) pieces have moved into our lobby area, five (5) pieces have moved into the downstairs hallway outside the racquetball court access area, and eight (8) pieces remain in the cardio hallway, and two (2) stair masters remain available in the outer weight room. Weight Room equipment we ask that patrons keep at least one (1) piece of equipment between people or remain 6ft apart at all times. If this cannot be maintained, we will put every other piece out of order. 


f.   Workout equipment must be cleaned by staff in between each patron use; GRRC: We would like to maintain patrons distancing 6 feet apart for all patrons and equipment. We would maintain patrons' cleaning procedure of wiping down the equipment after every usage. We would like to request that the Green River Recreation Center be able to clean workout equipment every 2 hours. With patrons now being able to play close contact sports/activities, do personal training, have weight lifting spotter, etc.; we believe we can maintain good housekeeping measures and a clean environment while disinfecting the entire stock of our equipment every two hours. We are also seeing the results of the abundance of cleaning on our new and old equipment; weights are rusting, equipment is malfunctioning, the cleaning solution is eating away at the plastic and starting to leave blemishes, etc. 

g.   Handwashing stations, or hand sanitizer, must be readily available for all patrons; GRRC: We have placed an additional eight (8) hand sanitizing stations around the facility. We have placed four (4) additional disinfectant cleaning solution bottles as well. Please use hand sanitizer at the front doors of the facility and as often as possible.


h.    Group workout classes shall be limited to 50 participants; GRRC: This will be followed for classes. We are able to have a capacity of 8 in the fitness class room at any given time with the 6 foot rule. Our silver sneakers class in the bottom half of the gymnasium will hold no more than 30 people spaced out about 8 feet apart. Classes will be 45 minutes long to accommodate the extra required cleaning of all the equipment.


i.   Spas, steam rooms, and saunas may open so long as appropriate physical distancing measures are maintained between patrons that are not of the same household.


j.  The business shall not operate without appropriate protective equipment for staff (face coverings, gloves for serving and cleaning, etc.), EPA-approved disinfectants and sanitizers, soap and other necessary cleaning supplies; GRRC: We have always provided basic PPE for our staff. In addition to what we already do, we have ordered gaiters for the staff, we have disposable masks for staff that forget their face masks, and we have given staff directions on how to make their own based off CDC guidelines. We ask that the face-covering are appropriate and are made properly by the CDC guidelines. 

     SDS can be provided for every chemical upon request, every chemical was researched and kills the pre-existing COVID, every chemical direction was reviewed again to make sure it was being mixed/used properly.


13. This Order supersedes all individual county health orders currently in effect, except to the extent any county order is more restrictive, the more restrictive provisions of that county’s order still apply.

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